Notepad++ behind corporate proxy

Notepad++ behind corporate proxy

If you use Notepad++ (NPP) at a company that uses a corporate proxy, you may find it's unable to reach the outside internet for tasks such as checking for updates or installing packages. The following steps fixed this issue for me. 

  1. Check if your install of NPP has internet access by going to Help ('?' in the menu) -> Update Notepad++.  If NPP has internet access, you'll either get a message telling you an update is available, or that you're already up to date: 
    No update is available
  2. If it's unable to check for updates, you'll need to add proxy info to Notepad++ through the dialog at Help -> Set Updater Proxy:
    Set updater proxy
  3. But what to put in there? First, check what proxy Windows it using: in the search bar in the Start Menu type "proxy", then open Configure proxy server. Click LAN Settings. If a specific proxy server is called out in the Proxy server section, copy that into NPP: 
    Specific Proxy server
  4. On the other hand, if your company is using an automatic configuration script, you'll see something more like this: 
    Automatic configuration script
    The .pac file allows Windows and other programs to choose from a list of possible proxies depending on global location. Unfortunately at the time of writing, NPP does not support pac files and needs an explicit single proxy address. Fortunately you can actually find one yourself from the pac file, which you can open in... drumroll... NPP!
  5. In NPP, go File -> Open and open the full address to that pac file. You'll see a list of different proxies, possibly thousands of them. Now you need to pick one and add it to NPP. I usually go for one that's in a basic IP:PORT format and near the top. E.g. you're looking for something like the following text near the top of the file: 
    ** automatic proxy configuration for <> from (111.222.333.444)
    function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
     var proxy="PROXY;";
  6. Copy that IP and port into NPP's proxy config: Notepad++ proxy configured
  7. Now try checking for updates again. It should work this time, and you should also be able to plugin manager at Plugins -> Plugins Admin to search for and install new plugins. 

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